KODA Enterprises Group acquires companies which are or have the potential to be market leaders. We work together with management teams and employees committed to that goal. Our operating style will free a company from potentially stifling bureaucracy or take an already entrepreneurial company and help it develop the professional disciplines necessary to grow.

Our companies are decentralized: Strong management teams develop their own strategic and operating plans; we support those plans with appropriate long-term incentives. Our role is to be a coach and cheerleader -- to monitor, challenge, and help mold successful strategies. We also provide access to resources the companies might not have.

KODA has limited outside investors with equity interests or short-term exit strategies, so a long-term perspective prevails. With extraordinary relationships and outstanding reputation in the financial, investment banking, and M&A communities, we intend to continue our growth by focusing on our current industry groups, as well as seeking out promising new ones.